Which Dream Team reigns supreme? A hypothetical look at 1992 vs. 2012

The following is an excerpt from my most recent article for USA TODAY College.

Kobe Bryant’s recent comment that the 2012 USA basketball team would have been capable of beating the 1992 Dream Team provoked critics and fans alike to examine his claims of superiority…

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One thought on “Which Dream Team reigns supreme? A hypothetical look at 1992 vs. 2012

  1. I would take the 92 team by 5 pts, but we have to look at it more than o the 92 team hands down. Here are some stats92team avrg a 43.8margin of victory with an avrg score of 117.3 a game after the olympics where over.The 2012 team has an avrg a 38.2 margin of victory with avrg score of 117.8 a game only after there first five gamestho forthereisstillgamesto be played. Now right there that is impressivefor the fact that when the dream team played there opnt. maybe had one guy on there team that could make a nba team. The teams the 2012 team are playing have muiltiple teams with nba players some almost have a starting lineup full of nba players. Now I know you will say not as talnted as the u.s. men but lets take a look at the talent. The gasol brothers who are both all stars ,Deng of the bulls allstar, parker and ginobili of the spurs great players and than loads of good roll players andy v. of brazil barbosa as well than you got an up and raising ibaka playing for spain and this is not even everyone. For them to stay close stat wise of the epic dream team has to take notice. Now I know I always here that dreams team big size would shut down the paint but the 2012 team would not need to control the paint points look at what they did the other night they hit 29 threes that is mind blowing even if you are playing against some ametaurs in a pick up game and the bigs of 92 are not use to the style of play of the size of todays game durrant? Who would guard him I think pippen would be the only man with his abiltiy to guard all postions, But pippen could not guard all fiveguysatonce.Next would come driving there big men of the dream team crazy they would be guarding out towards the 18ft to 23ft range just about everyone but chandler can hit the three which would open for paul and westbrook to use the freakness abilty to get to the hole from time to time . Now the D of the 2012 team would have to have great ball preasure from their guards making the dream team turn it over. If the dreeam team got in there offensive set the 2012 could not stop them and would deff be in trouble in off. rebounds if there bigs where set in the post. This is why i give the edge to the dream team I think there was to much good ball handling and passing with the dream to cause them to lose. But people who say there is no chanceisjustanidot becauseyou are a bandwagon follwer and dont actually look at the glass from all angles. The dream team can never be repeated in what the 92 team showed the whole country on how skilled the us was at basketball with there pros playing no one made a bigger influnce to strike intreset in europe fans of a new sport that they would learn and grow up to love. look at all the europe players in the nba without the dream team we r not at the point where the nba is embracing all sorts of diffrent style players from different countrys. The dream team will always be my favorite olympic team, they shocked the whole world that olympic games in 92 and even the teams they played on a every given night where just amazed by the dunks the passing and how easy and natural the game flowed for team usa.They would take pictures from the sidelines asking for autographs before and after games. Even fans from all around the world where all behind the unstopable freight train of that special team. But I just do not think it would be as easy as the teams they played in 92 but I have them winning 8 of 10 against the current 2012 team I see it being close going into the forth than you look at the dream team stacked with those high pressure clutch driving players and for the the 2012 I only see kobe being the proven clutch player in thistypeof stakeof all time olympic team square off all though durrant has hit clutch shoots not in carrer changing games and as far as lebron all though he step up more than anyone thought he had the abilty to, he has just been proven one to many times that he rather pass than take that last shot and with bird and johnson memorable battles proving they where both two of the elite in the nba. o ya and the guy what was his name ooo jordan mr clutch himself I just do not see the 2012 team in at the end the would start to fumble in the fourth and than you would see kobe try to take over and the rest of the team would be caught watching as the lead seems a mileaway. Butiam a hugeolympics fan this is the one time i watch sports that I would normally never watch and jumping up and down for things like water polo and table tennis so all and all be supportive for your country and for me go USA!!!


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